Long-Term Care

Long-term health care insurance provides financial support and resources to any employee in order to maintain the basic necessities of life in the event of a long term disability. Reliant Direct Insurance Services, Inc. group plans ensure that employees are provided an income source if they qualify for long term coverage and are unable to work for an extended period of time.

Providing your employees with long term health coverage is a practical option for any sized business. Reliant Direct Insurance Services, Inc. offers a wide range of features that can replace a percentage of an employee’s earnings while allowing administrators to define and select from short or long term disability plans.

A variety of options for long term care coverage

Long term care insurance can function as a core component to an employee benefit package. Reliant Direct Insurance Services, Inc. representatives can help tailor the precise terms and options available for this segment of your group coverage plan in accordance with your budget and business objectives. Whether you choose options that include additional insurance purchased by the employee, specific maximum payments, or opt to combine coverage with other medical services and prescription drug allowances, our advisors can help to determine the plan that best suits your organization and workforce.

Protecting your business from fraud

Reliant Direct Insurance Services, Inc. works with businesses and health care professionals to support the well-being of affected employees and facilitate their return to work. Employers have access to services which can monitor an employee’s condition as well as ensuring adequate medication and treatment to ensure a speedy recovery and return to regular work and daily activity.

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